Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, we have officially started our new class-A2- and there are 5 or so of us in the class. We have a good teacher, but she ONLY speaks German with us and also tends to talk VERY fast. Our tutor from the first class was very slow, patient, and probably spoiled us by speaking too much English with us. But, I have a feeling we aren't the "most" lost ones in the class, so I think we will have a few days of repeated information and we can learn how to handle these new teaching habits.

In the last week I have attended 2 elternabends (Parent/Teacher Meetings) with both of the schools the kids attend. They both lasted at least 2 hours and let's just say I have a major headache when they are over. I concentrate so hard to try and understand as much as I can, and I probably only get about 60% of the conversations. I was blessed, though, in Leonard's class that another father spoke great English and translated a lot of the info for me. I have a feeling at one point in the meeting that I was nominated to be the "room mother", but I relied on my famous statement........" Ich spreche ein bission Deutsch" and just smiled! I think this convinced them to move on to another parent. The teachers were all very pleased with the kids and their progress so far (well, at least that is what I am telling myself they said :))! Leonard's teachers all said that he is teaching them English while they are teaching him Deutsch. Does that surprise anyone?


Anonymous said...

Definitely feel your pain and frustration. We are almost into our 3rd week of Unit 2, and somedays I am just thinking who am I, where am I, what am I doing here? Like it is all new stuff, which it is but I was hoping after Unit 1 it would be a little easier. Tell your kiddos we are proud of their accomplishments in school. Our girls just got report cards this week, well Bailey did and Kylie got a progress report and they are doing great as well. Bailey is learning Indonesian also and Kylie is of course since half of it is in Indonesian and half English. We love you guys.

Uncle Kyle said...

I can see Leonard teaching them LOTS of things! English, how to be a Jedi, the proper form for light saber fighting, and the proper handling of an official Indiana Jones bull whip. I wish I could say something clever in German (Deutsch) to you but I have a hard enough time with English.
Lord bless.