Friday, September 4, 2009

Our First "Present"

We have been blessed this week by some precious people at our church in Union City. We came home today to a big box of cookie mixes, country time lemonade mixes, ziplock bags, and Listerine. (All of these things are either impossible or hard to find, or when we do find them very expensive!) These came just in time for two things- Abigail's birthday is next week and we are having a party, and LK had a program today at her summer camp and we were supposed to bring desserts. So I made chocolate chip cookies- something most Germans don't or haven't eaten. They were a hit!! And Abigail is so excited about having lemonade at her party! So THANK YOU so much, those of you who did this for us. We have been blessed, and because of your generosity, we can be a blessing to those around us here! We love you!

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Sarah said...

Hey Amber! I knew you guys were going to the mission field, but I didn't realize you're already there! Chris' brother lives in Germany, too--he's stationed there for the Army. Anyway, Chris and I will be praying for you and Len--I hope you guys are doing well!!