Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Still Here (Again).......

I know it has been awhile since I last blogged, but lots going on around here! We have moved to another city in Germany- about 8 hours from our previous city- and are busy trying to get settled in our new surroundings.
Lauren Kiley has started her 2nd school since being here in Germany, and let me brag just a little on how remarkable she is at "adapting". Really, it's just that God has blessed her with the amazing ability to make friends easily and also to be very "social"!
Leonard and Abigail are just hanging out with me here at home for now. Leonard will start "Schule" which is the official school in the Fall and Abigail will go to a preschool then also. They are all three enjoying a little more space in our apartment, and have found some American neighbors who have lived here in Germany for a few years. Lots of kids live in the apartment building, so it is nice to have everyone making noise and not just us :)
Len is busy with nightly Bible studies and House Church, and this past Sunday we attended a local church that we feel might be where God is leading us to go for fellowship on Sunday mornings. Please pray that this will be confirmed over the next few weeks of visiting at this church.
Summer (well, Spring at least!) has finally come to Germany and it feels good to be able to go out and learn about our new city with such beautiful weather. This past weekend we made a video for the kids that shows more of our new city. We are hoping that churches in the states will use this video to show during mission times at their VBS this summer. There is a link on my facebook if you want to use it!
As always, we have good and bad days where we miss those who are so dear to us. But it is always the Lord and your prayers on our behalf that get us through those days! Thanks so much! Love to you all-