Thursday, September 17, 2009

Count Your Blessings.....

I have debated all week on whether or not to share this out loud or not, but here goes. I want this journey to be one of transparency for all of you to see- so I need to share the good AND the bad, huh? Well, last Sunday was Abigail's birthday. It is still hard to believe she is 4 years old! We had an awesome party on Saturday with friends from the neighborhood and also from our company. She had breakfast in bed on Sunday (a family tradition now :)) and then we went to church. It was there that something hit me right in the gut-homesickness. I haven't felt this homesick but maybe one other time in my life (Mom-remember when you left me in Texas after that surgery?? We all thought I had lost my mind :)) Well, anyways, we were singing some song and I realized that this was the first of many birthdays, Christmases, holidays, etc. that we will be spending away from our families. I just started crying and couldn't stop. For those who know me know that this is definitely out of character for me! And then, God did something awesome. After my little cryfest, the preacher was starting to preach. And wouldn't you know that his message was about God's blessings for our lives, and he was reminding us of Abram's story. (Now, I know you are thinking WOW she is really learning German fast if she can understand the preacher already! But, let me share a little secret. We have english translation through headphones at this church. So don't think too much of me yet!) He was sharing how Abram was told by God to leave everything- his family, his home, his land-and that he would receive a blessing in return. This just reassured me that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Does it make it any easier? Not always. Does it mean we still won't have moments of longing for home? Never. But, it does mean that, as long as we are in God's Will, we are and will be blessed. Everyday.

Have you recognized His blessings in your life lately?


Anonymous said...

Wow, totally know how you feel. I have had more "cryfests" in the last month and a half then I have had in my lifetime. It has been amazing though to see and feel His comfort in those times. Abraham's story was my ah-ah moment at the beginning of the journey if you recall and it is funny how he has even used it here through different sources: at language school, through Bailey and her Bible class at school and I think somewhere else but my brain is fried form language so I can't think. We ARE blessed! I will be on my knees for you about this because I know that is the only way I have gotten through my difficult days because of partners back home on their knees for me. Love you girl and I feel truly blessed to call you friend!!!!

Derek Bodiford said...

Amber, Thanks for you transparency it helps to know how to pray for you guys. What is more letting those things out offers a since of relief anyway. Let me encourage by sharing this with you. When I went to Russia several years ago, I have never sensed the presence of God in everything that I was doing like I did on that mission trip. Then when I got home it was just a few days and I found myself wondering "Where is Jesus?" Then I began to realize that Jesus has not gone anywhere. He is till ever present right here at home as much as he was while I was in Russia. What had changed was me. My dependency on Him had remained in Russia. My desire for Him to be with me waved goodbye at the airport in Moscow. My expectations of meeting Him and witnessing His miracles had been packed away in my luggage and is being stored up until I need them again.

So as you are there and you are feeling homesick know that there is at least one person over here that is homesick for the dependency of God that you daily have wear all due to your act of faithfulness and obedience to Him. Although, we miss you guys, please know and understand (as I know that you do) your are in a greater presence than anything that your family could ever offer.

Lord, bless this dear family and be ever present in their lives. Give them comfort in knowing that "home" is found in Your presence. May Your love so overcome them that all the many attacks that satan is sending their way would all but disappear. Father, I would also ask that you would cure my homesickness and help me to understand that no matter where I am or what I am doing you are there in my midst and that I should always expect You to do great and mighty things, simply because you love me that much. Lord, to you we give all honor and praise. To You, Lord we offer up our fears, our homesickness, our lives. Have Your way with us Lord, and may Your name be glorified in how we express our gratitude and humble surrender to Your authority in our lives. Amen.

In His Name,

Derek Bodiford

Uncle Kyle said...

Ok, I'll admit it...I'm crying right now! I'm crying because I miss you too. I'm crying because I hurt for you in your homesickness. I am also crying because my heart is blessed through the revelation of faith you had right there in the church service. My heart yearns for all believers to be able to recognize God's voice like that. I have been in many different churches in our area and I fear that God's voice and the awesome message He has for His people in these last days are going right over many heads. Lord bless you, Lord bless you, Lord bless you.