Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Side of Paul

When we were in Virginia at our 8 week training earlier this year, we read through some of the New Testament together. So I decided that I would just continue to read through it as my quiet time here, and I am just about through. I have enjoyed studying about the NT Church and how much we have "changed" what church is really supposed to be. (But, that is not what this post is about-I am sure that could be another post in itself!) What I have noticed is a new side of Paul. It has never stood out to me how much Paul longed to be "at home" and with other Christians. I guess since I have never known that feeling, these verses have never stood out to me like they do now. Now, don't get me wrong. I am in no way comparing myself to Paul-I am and never will be on the same level as Paul. But, it is good to know that even he, the strongest of all missionaries, had feelings like this! AND, he not only longed for home, he wanted to know that they were striving to be the best for Christ while they were "at home" and he was away. SO, that is what I want from you! I want to know that YOU are living for Him. That you are sharing Him with those around you. That you are striving to be the best you can be. This will make us stronger while we are here, away from "who" and "what" we know and will push us to be those things while we are here. Because, this is where God has put us and we wouldn't want it any other way! Praying for you all-


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Anonymous said...

Preach it girl, I mean teach it girl!! Ha ha, you could get in trouble for that. LOL That was encouraging thank you. I think the same thing about Indonesian, will I ever "KNOW" it. Good for you doing your quiet time. I am having a hard time getting in the grove here with mine. Say a little prayer about that. Love you guys.