Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Still Here.......

So it has been a long time since I updated here.....lots going on the last few weeks and to be honest, just not motivated to write it all down. Not sure if anyone actually reads this, and if they do, are they really interested in my mundane life??? I am striving to be honest and transparent here.....
We had a good Christmas as we spent our first Christmas EVER away from our families and friends in the states. We were blessed afterwards with my parents and my brother and his family coming in to see us for a few days during New Year's. We had an awesome time showing them around the area and even made it up the mountain for a little sledding. We had 7 kids all together, and heaven knows things are never boring when 7 kids are together!! We did miss all the other "Simpsons" as well as Len's family during the holidays- maybe they will all take a trip this way soon!!
The kids start back to school on Monday after being out for 3 straight weeks. I think Abigail has gotten a little used to being at home and maybe somewhat hard to convince that she has to go back! We'll see come Monday.
We have officially decided that we will be moving to Dresden, Germany after our language study ends here. We are excited to be joining a family and a journeygirl who are already at work there in the city. We aren't sure of the exact date yet, but please be praying for us, especially the kids, that the move and adjustment once again will go smoothly. I think we are all ready to go and get somewhat "settled", although I have a feeling the life of a missionary is never "settled".
We did receive some Christmas boxes and cards from several of you- Thank you so much for blessing us as you have done so much since we have been here. We are so thankful for all the prayers and love you continually show us while we do His work here. May God bless you too!!
Well, that about wraps up what is going on here.....hopefully, this finds you all striving to be who Christ wants you to be in this new year! Love to you all!