Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wir Gehen mit dem Zug!

Well, another first is about to happen in the Phegley's lives. On Monday we are taking the "Zug" (train) to another city in Germany to visit some colleagues. We are going to see if this is the city the Lord has planned for us to move after our year here in language school. From what I hear they are doing some tremendous things for Him in Dresden and we are excited to see a glimpse of that, whether or not this will be our landing place!
We have yet to ride the train, but we are about to embark on an 8 hour journey on this fast train. We are all excited and nervous just because it is a first, but I feel it will be better than riding that many hours in a car all together. We can get up and walk around, eat, play games.....lots of things you can't do in a car. Especially when your husband is a nervous wreck driving. Not that MY husband is a nervous wreck when driving. I'm just sayin'. :)
So please keep us in your prayers next week- Monday we travel all day and then spend 4 days and travel back on Saturday. Please pray for our safety, that we will switch trains easily in Frankfurt, and then also for our minds and hearts to be open to what God will be telling us these few days.
Thanks for all that you are doing for us. We are enjoying all the packages we are receiving, both from friends and family back in TN. They are always a blessing and come just at the right time. The times when one might say "What in the world are we doing?". Not that WE say that ever. I'm just sayin' :)
Love to you all-


Uncle Kyle said...

I haven't had a chance to read your blog lately. I have been super busy and I'm trying to catch up on your literary talent right now.
We are so excited for you and the experiences you guys are having. More than that, we are excited about what the Lord is going to be doing there through you! We will certainly pray that God will open your hearts to His will and give you spiritual eyes & ears to see and hear Him.
He has been keeping us busy allowing me the opportunity to preach in a few different places. Few things bless my heart more than to see people's eyes light up with understanding by revelation of the Holy Ghost when I am blessed to share the things God has laid on my heart to give to a group of folks.
I pray you guys will experience that same blessing there as people begin to come to know the joy of the Lord through your sharing, testimony, and life example.
We love you all very much. Lord bless!

akhdesign said...

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I am really excited to meet y'all on Monday! I hear lots of great things about your family. David Moench told me to "take care of the Phegleys next week" when you come to visit.

Oh, and my dad used to be a pilot, and even he was a nervous wreck driving while my family was here to visit. I used to be a nervous wreck on the trains, until I realized that I shouldn't be. Don't worry, they give you warnings before the stop. Be ready for it, though. :)

(Jason showed me your blog so we could look at y'all's pictures.)

- Amy Harris

Karan said...

Hope you love the trains... I know I did; in fact, wish we had them here. You have to be alert - the Germans do keep to their schedules. Tell Len to prepare... it's probably a bit colder in Dresden.

Anonymous said...

How exciting a new adventure. We rode on the bullet train in japan when we lived there and they are fun. The kids will love it I bet! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers next week. I checked out Dresden on the internet. Looks beautiful! Love you guys.

zach family said...

Hi, I found your blog through a Chik fila coupon page. I got chills! We have a German friend here in the U.S. who is a new Christian. He will be going back to Germany so I wanted to see if I can get your email. I don't know whether he knows any Christians there.