Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We're Back...

We had a wonderful trip to Dresden and enjoyed everything about our trip. Well, except for the coming back part. Len ended up in bed all day on Sunday due to his back being out from dragging luggage from train to train, and I have been in the bed since Monday night due to an awful head cold. I am putting off going to the doctor for several reasons- one being that I don't know one and it isn't the easiest thing to find when you don't speak much of the language! Maybe it will run its course soon. I just hope none of the kids get it.
Back to the trip- We loved riding on the train! We ended up getting bumped up to first class which was awesome. The family we stayed with had 4 kids who are very close in age with ours, so you can imagine our kids' joy of being around English-speaking kids who are also TCKs (MKs)! The city was gorgeous and I couldn't believe all the landmarks and old, beautiful buildings. If you don't read Len's blog, you should go there and check out our video we made of the trip. We caught Abigail at some really cute moments. (
So, please pray for us as we decide if this is the city God wants to use us next. We were excited to see some of the work already started there, and loved dreaming about what could happen if we do end up in Dresden. Thanks for all your prayers! Love to you all-

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