Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Normal

Many days of our lives are special for different reasons. Just a few of those for me are: my birthday where Sallie and I had the chicken pox, many nights driving to Savannah for dance lessons, being surprised Christmas Eve with my new car, first day of college, my wedding, and of course all my children's "birth" days. Life changes every time we have one of those days. And then there are the days like today. A day where, many years ago, I first experienced death. When Eddie was killed, I know a lot of people wondered why. After all he had been through, why then, when his life had just gotten straightened out. I never questioned it. Sure, I hated it. I didn't sleep for weeks. I cried. I got angry. But, I never questioned it. It was then that I truly realized God had a plan for each of us. And his plan for Eddie was to come home. That simple.
So, since that day in October of 2000, we "Simpsons" began living another life. A new normal. A life without Special Ed. Since then, we have grown and changed so much! We have welcomed LOTS of kids into the world, we have moved and moved (and moved :)) and we have welcomed new members (we love you Jeff!). Even in our loss, God blesses us.
Today I am reminded of how fleeting this life truly is, and how we should live each day to the fullest. How Jesus died, too, just so that we won't have to! We each have a choice. We can make the choice to live a "new" normal- A life for Him, not for ourselves.
Oh...And be sure and tell those around you how much you love them. We never know when the new normal will have to come. Love to you all-

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absearcy said...

WOW!!! I needed to read this. So much has happened and all I ever think about is WHY? But here lately, I don't care about the why anymore... I know that it has all been for a reason and GOD has prepared my future. Our new normal life is different too. But you know, it has made me see life much clearer now. Even across the pond, you still inspire me. Love you lots! Miss you more!