Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Still Alive!!

Yes, we are still here and still kicking in ole' Germany!!  We have just not had any phone/internet/outside contact with the whole world for the past 3 weeks!!  I told Mom that I felt like I am on an episode of Survivor- being cut off from the outside world is no fun.   I called her from the cell phone just to quickly let her know we were still alive.  That phone call only cost me about 25 euros!!  YIKES!!  But hopefully as of Friday that will all change!!  (Although I am not getting my hopes up in case they do not go through with their promise of hooking it up.......that seems to be very likely here in this part of the world!)  
Language study is going GREAT, LK's last day of school is tomorrow before a 3 week break, and the two youngest are thoroughly enjoying their babysitter.  Let's just say Leonard has a little crush on Miss Charissa- he gets up, gets dressed, brushes his teeth, and combs his hair ALL BY HIMSELF when he knows she is coming.  All this from Lazy Leonard who usually wants my help to dress him, brush his teeth, comb his hair etc.........Anyways, I just wanted you to know we are still doing just great here and wanted you to check back soon for some great stories and such.  Also, be checking Len's blog after Friday for some great pics of all of the kids.  Love to you all!!


Ray-n-Paula said...

Hey from ILC!
We have been a little concerned for you guys since you "just dropped off the earth" :)
Glad you are back. We have been praying for you.

Ray and Paula

Uncle Kyle said...

So good to read your blog again. We certainly hope you get your phone/internet SOON! Lord bless.