Friday, February 19, 2010

What I Miss (and Don't Miss!)

I have seen before where other m's (and people living overseas) post what they miss about being out of the States, and what they don't miss. Essentially, what we love about living life abroad and what we don't love! So, I have decided it's time for me to do an "initial" list. That way, in 3-4 years, I can look back and see if I really do miss these things or if I have learned to fully adapt to my new culture. So, without further ado:

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT LIVING IN GERMANY(therefore don't miss from "the other side"):

--Eating healthier! We eat more fruits/vegetables and less fast food than when in the U.S.
--The Yogurt! They have every kind/flavor you can imagine. (Some being quite gross, actually, but they are all healthier here.)
--More family time together. We are not near as "busy" as we used to be. I love that we are home together every night!
--Learning a new language. Is it hard? YES. Do I get frustrated? YES. But, hey, call me a nerd, but I love learning!
--Learning a new way to "do" church. This will be a post all in itself at a later time :)

THINGS I DON"T LOVE ABOUT LIVING IN GERMANY( henceforth, I miss from "the other side"):

--My washer and dryer :( Laundry here takes about 2-3 days rather than 1-2 hours like it does in America.
--Playing the piano at church. However, I did get a nice keyboard for my birthday and am so excited that I get to play again!
--Even though we do spend a lot of time at home now, I do miss some of the restaurants that I love (Outback, Mexican!!!, "my" Chinese :))
--The convenience in the States. Everything here is, well, difficult. Enough said.
--Of course, the only "real" thing I miss is my Family and Friends. Our friends, who are m's on even ANOTHER side of the world :) said it best and I hope they don't mind, but I am sharing their hearts with you today. Because their words express so well how we feel everyday-- "....We are so thankful for each of you and are glad we have people like you to miss…this kind of sadness comes from a happiness found in knowing you all! So, we miss you…we are thankful for you…we are where we need to be! Somehow that all fits together and makes the tears of a 5-year-old worth it in the long run…For his glory…together."

With all that said, and I am sure I will say this a hundred more times while we are here-- We are where we are supposed to be for this season of life and regardless of how "hard" it may be at times, I wouldn't have it any other way.

P.S. Thanks "twins" for letting me "steal" your words!! Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Doug said it is okay because we "stole" your Northface jackets in Richmond (and your Sherpani). We will call it even! LOL We miss you guys so much! Even miles apart we still think alike. Love you guys!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amber: We have only been in Mexico 1 month but I can definitely relate to all of this...even in Vancouver I found myself missing things from the US. The interesting thing is going to be when we go stateside and start missing things from our field countries...I know that I will miss having jalapeno sauce for my fries at McDonald's. I pray that you guys stay strong and for language to be easy for you guys. Miss you guys. God bless!


Anonymous said...

Okay, quick list of what we do not like and do like about you guys being in Germany.

Don't like:

1. Family gatherings (even when we drive each other crazy)
2. Hearing the joyful laughter of you and Sallie when you guys get in your giggle moods.
3. Hearing the joyful laughter of all the kids playing together, in the middle of the screams, and yelling, and fighting. hahahaha!

Do Like:

1. The chocolate gifts brought back by MJ and Popple. HAHAHA! That would have to be number one right?
2. The fact that we have a reason to travel to Germany. It will happen this next trip. Sorry but the Bodiford's are coming to see you guys an ruin it all. hahahaha!
3. The constant reminder of the my personal need to be faithful and obedient to serve God, no matter the cost. You guys are an inspiration of faithfulness and obedience to our Lord for that I thank you for your influence in our lives.

We love you guys and miss you. You are constantly in our prayers.

In His Name,


Anonymous said...

Hey Amber!
I will echo Derek as I say you and your family are a constant reminder to all of us to be faithful as we serve, wherever that may be. I know you make sacrifices everyday as you do God's work there, but you know too that the rewards will far out weigh the sacrifice. As a Mother and Grandmother I often thnk of your Mother and the sacrifice she too makes as her kids are serving the Lord so far away. Her rewards will be great too! Still can't believe you are all grown up with three kids of your own, you should still be doing dance, gymnastics and children's choir.
Love you!
Ms. Donna

Kami said...

Hey Amber! Saw on your FB status that you have this Blog.

I am so excited to read about you, your family, and your journey of sharing Christ to those in Germany. What an awesome thing you are doing!

I actully am in the Blog world as well... (although topics not as exciting as yours-my Blog's purpose is basically to keep my family and friends who live out of town updated on my little one). Either way...wanted to share with you the site. My husband suggested that I make it private once I began sharing quite a bit about our baby. So, if you like to blog hop or are interested in reading it ever-send me your email address and I'll give you access. :)

Best to you and your family while you spread The Gospel!
Kami :)