Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zum Gebortstag, Lauren Kiley!

Well, yesterday my oldest child celebrated her 9th birthday here in Germany. Wow. Not only is it amazing that I have a 9 year old, but that we are celebrating it in GERMANY of all places! What a story she will have for her own children one day. We took her and 6 of her friends to an indoor play-place here in Lörrach, where they played and played for several hours. Then one of her friends came home to spend the night with her. This little girl is special because she speaks both English and German fluently- her Mom is American and her Dad is German. I told LK that it was cool that she and her friend could speak in both languages, she said "No Way Mom! We speak only English and it is SUCH a relief!!" Sometimes I forget that learning the language is not only hard for us big people, but for these little ones, too.
We were also able to skype with the Sunday School Class at FBC Union City today so they could sing Happy Birthday to her. That was so sweet. At first she was very emotional and wasn't sure if she could talk to them without getting upset, but she loosened up and was able to chat for several minutes with some old friends. It made her day! (Thanks, Chapy and Carol for getting that all set up.)
I am so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter. She is always so protective of her siblings and looking out for their safety and welfare. She has literally "saved" them from various predicaments!! She is doing so well at this present "life-change" and even though she would go "home" tomorrow, she is making great friends, learning the language so well, and striving to be the best at where God has her now. And, although her current title at home is "Drama Queen", I don't think I would want her any other way. Love you LK, and look forward to many more years watching you grow into a lovely young lady.

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Uncle Kyle said...

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to comment in a while. I just read this post and MAN it makes we want to hug you guys! I miss the hugs, the laughter, the good times. I know you must miss my corny jokes:)
Love you all.
Lord bless.